1948 Fiat 500B Topolino Coupe

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“1948 Fiat 500B Topolino Coupe, rare, all original, clear CA title, 100% stock, unmolested condition, 99% complete, 51,905 miles on odometer. Has some surface rust, indoor storage for over 20 years, very restorable. Engine and transmission removed; engine is partially disassembled.”
In Hemmings in Irvine, California for $12,000 firm.
There is a great interview in Hemmings with Jay Leno and his Topolino.  Almost makes me want one.  To quote Jay: “European cars tend to have a masculine and a feminine side. Usually it’s a masculine powerplant with a feminine look. If you drive a Ferrari, unless you’re in Beverly Hills, women will give you the finger. Drive the Topolino around, and women just flock to it. ‘Oh, what a cute car!’ ‘Can I sit in it?’ ‘Can I take my top off?’ Women just go nuts for this car. They want to drive around in it with their cat. It’s one of my wife’s favorites, her and the cat driving around.”

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