1933 Essex Teraplane Indy Race Car Recreation

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It must be kit night at the Apollo because here’s another re-crea-pro-kit that I woudn’t mind owning.  It seats only one which is going to be a bummer for my mechanic.  But if you look real close you can see the extra bits of hand cut steel next to the Waste Management trash bin. Bonus.  Seriously, who takes these pictures?  The car is cut off in like every shot and half the pictures are wallet size.  Yeah, yeah not everybody is an expert photographer like you Paul.      

On eBay in Rochester, New Hampshire with a reserve.
“You are bidding on a friend’s recently completed all steel hand formed 1933 Essex Teraplane Indy Race Car Recreation. All running gear, frame, motor, rear end, transmission, front end, brakes, as well as wheels are all original 1933 Essex Teraplane. Has brand new interior, four brand new tires, with the rear being the correct “knobby style” used on these race cars. This car was carefully constructed through extensive research to be as close as possible to the ones originally raced “back in the day”. This is a single seat race car, no passengers allowed. Car comes with a clear New Hampshire title, can be driven on the street or vintage raced. Won’t find another one of these at your local cruise night, and gets all kind of attention wherever it goes.”

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