1967 Lyrad GT MK.1

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We drove it around a little and then put it in barn, where has sat for over 30 years... You’ll never see another one.” 

I almost didn’t see yours and quite frankly, I would have been ok with that. 

Good for some parts.  I’ll take what look to be Porsche 914 Fuchs wheels and the Jaguar bucket seats.

In Leland, Illinois on eBay with not much action.


“One-off custom-built sports car from 1967. The automobile was built by Darryl Townsend who, at the time, lived in Hampstead, Canada, and the car still bears Canadian plates (from 1970). The car is titled as a 1967 and has an Illinois title with Darryl and his wife Donna as co-owners. In 1976 he was living in South Barrington, Illinois, and my dad bought it around this time from someone other than Mr. Townsend (I haven’t been able to locate Mr. Townsend or anyone associated with the building of the car).  After we got the engine running,  Now that my dad and mom have passed, my brothers and I have decided to sell it.
The vehicle has a very unique design, borrowing from the Lotus Europa and other British cars of the time. A lot of thought and design went into the hand-made fiberglass body. The car has roll-up windows in both doors and a Plexiglass rear window. There are two bucket seats and the area behind the seats is carpeted. The engine, trans and rear end are Jaguar XK.  The primers and paints at the time were not very good for applications on fiberglass surfaces, so the paint is pealing away in many areas.

We cleaned the car up as best we could; the engine turns over and wheels are free. Interior bucket seats are in excellent condition. As I said, it needs paint, otherwise it’s in very good condition. The underside of the car, including suspension, has surface rust but no rusted-out areas.

You will never see another one.”

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