1964 Ferrari 250 GTO Reproduction

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There are some people that would have you believe that a kit car destroys a perfectly good doner, in this case a 330 GT 2+2, and is slapped together with bondo like glue.  They’d carry on about a lack of understanding why anybody would want one.  Then call out details, maybe like taillights, that hold the only value of the entire kit since they weren’t fabbed and are actually OEM parts.  

Good thing for me I’m not that guy as far as you know.  I have not only curiosity about these kits but an appreciation for potential ownership.  The experience of driving a rare, collector car even if in reproduction form will bring you closer to unobtainium.  And that my friends is special when your dreams are 100X the kit purchase price and aren’t found on eBay.  

I put this GTO into a Beck-type reproduction class like 904s and Spyders that continually hold their value. I would never be embarrassed to say I own it or afraid to drive the snot out of it.

On eBay in Germany for $389,000.


MADE FROM a FERRARI 330 GT 2+2 MK 1 Road Car 

V12 Type 209 converted to dry sum lubrication and fitted with 6×20
DCN downs draugth Webber Cab’s
Engine rebuild by Terry Hoyle at TDH Classic UK
Less than 2000 Mil after rebuilt 
4 Speed with Overdrive  Modified to 5- slot gate with reverse gear look out.
Up-graded Brakes and Shocks absorber  Borrani Wheel’s Type 3808
Mounted with 225×15 Michelin XWX Watt’s linkcags fitted to rear Axle .
Reproduction of a body buck from a original GTO this 1962 250 GTO style body
was hand rolled from Aluminum Painted in Swedish National Colors of blue with a
yellow front. Correct Headlights , rear lights with spot lights along with fuel Tank
filler cup door latches and bonnet catches.
Tiplex front Wind-shield with sliding Perspex door window and Perpex rear window .
Correct 88mm oval tube chassis with Superlaggera Body mounts constructions.
Hand rived Aluminum petrol tank and oil tank.
Black carpet with sketchily blue bucked Seats with 4 point rear belt harnesses .
Orackle black dash with rev counter , fuel level, oil pressure , fuel pressure ,
oil temperature, water temperature, charging rate veglia gauges , veglia Speedo
mounted on the gear box cowling plus Nardi Steering Wheel. 
Engine converted to run on unleaded fuel
Head exchanger added for driving in the comfort and demisting front window .
Hazard warning light
Reversing light wiring
Anti theft switch
Windscreen washer system
Interior light system
This Car is offered by Gemballa USA
representing the Owner 
We can arrange Enclosed Transport within the Main USA”

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