Why the End of the World is Near

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Mark Vaughn writes for Autoweek and in my opinion is a pretty funny writer.  We’ve hung out a few times through mutual friends at events like the Pebble Beach Concours.  He is as funny in person as he is to read.  This particular week’s column has to do with the Tokyo Auto Show.  He writes that they didn’t take a car anywhere and therefore “the end is near.”  A world without the need for a car… well that would be disaster, wouldn’t it? 

I’ve got to admit I’d make far better use of my time on mass transit, starting with me hurling my self-righteousness out the window at those stuck in traffic while I whisk by on the train.  Don’t worry though, by the time this happens in Los Angeles I’ll either be too old to hurl or you’ll be grounded from driving because you’re old.

It does bring up some interesting thoughts about commuting in a car.  I personally used to love it.  It was a great way to gear up or unwind from the day.  Personal space and time that only a good bathroom visit can replicate.  My music would be slamma’ jammin’.  To the lament driving next to me, I would appear to be super cool lip syncing half the words while making up the other half.  Of course, I’d appear to never miss a beat with my head bopping and hands rapping the steering wheel.  Additionally, I’d throw in a few body moves to make sure people knew I was having a better time than they were.   

There is a down side… well probably more than one.  Traffic sucks.  Traffic accidents even worse.  Even though I’m not relegated to a certain train schedule, I’m a slave to the traffic light.  If you want to get home fast, leave two hours earlier.  If you want a shorter commute, move two miles closer.  If you want to use mass transit, move to another town.  In all candor, I look forward to being able to take the train or bus and avoiding the car altogether.  Unfortunately, that time is not even on the distant horizon that today, I can still drive to.  

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  1. Earned911

    I hear ya buddy. I thought rush-hour traffic in Michigan sucked, Orange County is worse.
    As long as we have the car companies lobbing in congress, and paying for fancy parties and 5 star dinners, your dream will never come true.
    If you need proof, try plotting an Amtrak ride from the OC to San Francisco…can’t be done without getting on a one hour bus ride.
    I often wondered why the Detroit area didn’t have a rail system… then it hit me… because the car companies are paying more taxes and employing more people than Amtrak could. Sucks to be us.
    Europe seems to have their shit together, should we move there.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Wondering about Detroit?? Can you say collusion? Standard Oil, GM and… oh who was the tire manufacturer? They all got together to crush rail and bring in buses. Buses that ran on gas, used GM engines and drove on the tires I can’t remember at this minute. Ah, quick Google check and that would be Firestone. You all should burn in hell.

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