Burning a Hole in My Pocket

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The cash hasn’t even hit my account from selling the BMW yet and I’m already planning my next purchase.  First generation Miatas always hit the top of the list.  Cheap, clean, fun.  Of course, my wife would like me to have something a little more practical to replace the truck (1995 Mitsubishi Montero) which has become my daily driver.  I would too actually. 

The truck is great, everything has been done to it: new timing belt, transmission flush, radiator flush, new tires, new brakes, new alternator, upgraded stereo and new belts.   My only problem with it is the gas mileage.  It sucks.  I’m lucky to get 18 on the freeway.  It has complete utility though and there in lies my problem.  How do you give up care free driving, parking, seven passenger seating and dog hauler? 

If you’ve never parked an old SUV from the Japanese, you’re in for a treat.  The thing drives huge but parks small and narrow because they weren’t built with the bulbess fat man of today’s society in mind.  Or you fat women.  It’s seriously amazing what you can do without a 52 inch waste.  We’d probably replace the truck with a Subaru wagon. 

I’ve found a stick shift 2006 Legacy, blue with beige cloth interior for about $14K.  I’d have to roll the money from the BMW and the truck together to pick it up and then I’d be down to one toy, the 912.  Or I can scrap that idea and use the money from the BMW to buy a Miata and tools to rebuild the Porsche.  Stuff like air guns, a scissor lift and who knows what.  Decisions, decisions. 

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  1. Earned911

    The wife had an 03 Miata, and to this day it’s her favorite car – she cried the day we turned it in… If you’re going in that direction, then you need to look at the Spec-Miata’s. Ballsy race car for under $10K..

  2. Alex

    You can not go wrong with a Miata. I’m not so fond of the 2nd generation, no offense to Earned911, but the 1st and 3rd are lookers. The ’93 LE is a good choice as well as the BRG with tan interior.

  3. EMPM, Esq

    Unless you can find a 2005 Legacy GT wagon with a stick (I believe that was the last year with a stick for the GT wagon in the US), go with the Miata and keep the truck for utility purposes. Caveat on the Subaru GT – it only gets around 19/25 mpg.

  4. Dwight

    I agree wuth Alex on the Miata; the only demerit is the lack of carrying space. I think the Subie would be a great compromise; utility with a farely bulletproof AWD and still sporty especially with the stick…. good luck.

  5. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Yeah caveat is the rub, ain’t it? I’m trying to move out of a 15 mpg truck (Montero). Get me behind a GT with some real juice and I’m burning 19 on a good day. At least the 2.5i is only 168hp… which shouldn’t lead to “beat this bum” drags at the traffic light.

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