What to Drive to a Zip Line

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I went zip lining with a die-hard Detroiter in the auto biz last weekend in Vegas baby.  That means we talked cars.  A lot.  First, it was our friend’s Ford F-150 that we drove to the zip line location.  If it were any smaller the guy would buy something bigger.  What is it with bigger is better?   You can’t park the thing, if you wonder in your lane you just side swiped your neighbor and the gas mileage blows.  Insult to injury?  He had magnet signs on the door sides for his “environment pest control” business as he left the truck running while waiting for us at Starbucks. 

The van we took up to the top of the mountain, was none other than a Ford full size van.  It was brand new but the road less traveled had beaten the crap out of it.  The brakes squeaked dramatically and the rear doors rattled like they were going to fall off.  It was so loud inside that our guide sitting directly in front of us couldn’t be heard unless he was talking to our faces.     

To cap off the Ford trifecta, my buddy drove a new Ford Sho.  He was looking to get more power out of it, apparently 365hp just isn’t enough any more.  Try getting that thing to shed two to maybe 400 pounds and then you might notice an uptick.  He was the big fan of Americana and was slightly offended at my choice not to support the big two or US industry.  It was actually refreshing to hear.  We need to beat each other up a little more in this country.  Everybody is so PC.  His choice you can chalk it up to the fact that he lives in Detroit and works for a supplier.  I will admit that I’m starting to lean more towards Ford because they survived without bailouts.  But in order for me to buy one, I’d have to start looking at anything newer than 1995.         

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