A Toast

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Can you believe the BMW finally got picked up today?  What’s it been like a month?  Please hold… it’s been six weeks.  Gym-a-knee.  Time flies when you don’t have money to pay for shipping.  It was really no sweat for me to hold onto the car while he got it together on his end.  The few times I started the car and let it run to keep it fresh got me thinking… maybe he’ll call off the deal and I’ll get to keep the car.  It’s amazing how many times I can go back and forth about selling one of my “collectibles.” 

So a toast!  Here’s to the one that made the most sense at the time.  It could have been yet another cornerstone in my passionate fleet now down to two.  But instead ended up being kicked to the curb for grass that will undoubtedly be greener upon my next purchase. 



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