Warning Red Light Cameras May Kill You

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Thanks to the wetnoddle for forwarding this article in the Chicago Tribune regarding safety failures from red light cameras.

“If improved safety is the goal of red-light cameras, then it is a mission largely unaccomplished for the first crop of area suburbs that raced to install the devices after they became legal in 2006, according to state data.

Accidents rose — in some cases, significantly — at half the 14 suburban intersections outfitted with traffic cameras by the end of 2007, the data show. The number of crashes fell at just five of those intersections after cameras went in, while two showed little change.”

What government, safety or public organization can support a 50%, the big five-O failure rate with “significant” increase in accidents?  I’m so not for lawsuits (as a general rule to solve problems), but if I were in one of those accidents, I would be putting together a civil suit against the city and the companies that build these cameras.  This is political greed pure and simple.  If they don’t work, take them out.  If they work, I have no problem with these additional SAFETY measures. 

  1. wetnoodle

    noodle or noddle, pool or pond.
    Anyway, it is only about revenue and the companies who monitor the camera “violations” are not even local. They are in AZ I believe so it makes it that much harder to fight. Hello, Big Brother…..

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