Aston Martin Reveals They Haven’t Learned from the Past

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Cadillac Cimarron and the Aston Martin Cygnet city-car concept, does any of this ring a bell?  The Aston car is being billed as a luxury commuter ride for urban areas.   It’s a Toyota iQ with a restyled front end with Aston Martin’s styling cues.  Granted the base for the Cygnet is a far leap from the j-platform that Cadillac bombed with years ago but when does an upscale rebadge actually work?

Initially people buy them but the masses soon realized they are paying for nothing more than some lipstick and could get the scaled back version for much less.  I give you the Honda Passport before they built they’re own Pilot, or the Lincoln Blackwood pickup truck that failed miserably.  Aside from all this obviousness, what does this really do for the Aston Martin brand?   I think I heard a little birdie describe it best… cheap, cheap stop gap. 

  1. Earned911

    All this thing needs is some Spinner Wheels that stick out 4 inches and then it’ll be perfect for the boys in the hood…

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