Vegas Baby!

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My lovely wife who planned an awesome Vegas 40th celebration for my closest friends and myself this last weekend. She had this planned out for six months to stay at the Palazzo Hotel. Appetizers, drinks and dinner at Dal Toro at the hotel with a private table among the exotic vehicles and private tour and party to follow. I was treated to a screaming late night drive around the city in one of their Ferrari F-430s. Nothing says love like going 110 MPH down the Vegas strip and back roads.

But the party didn’t stop there…the next early morning my wingman and I went to the Vegas Speedway to drive a 2009 Ferrari 430 and Lamborghini Gallardo. After we finished drifting our way around doing five laps in each vehicle on the inner track we decided we and the cars needed some much rest after doing 160 MPH down the straight away. HOLLY CRAP that was awesome! But soon as I turned my back my friend treated he and I to another two laps with “Crazy Rudy” who took us out for a pucker factor drive in a 2009 Corvette ZO6. I’m certain that the tires and the right-side inner door handle need to be replaced after this hellish “drive it like you stole it run”. The rest of the time we just played the tables, ate great and relaxed while watching the play-off games. We needed to rest do to our adrenaline levels were off the charts after the previous two events.


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