UNIMOG with Low Hours for Railroad Plowing

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Noted 420 hours and an odometer with 1,300 miles.  I guess you don’t go too far or fast plowing snow on the tracks.  This thing is hard core with a claimed value of over six figures when new.
On eBay in Westville, Indiana with a reserve.

“UNIMOG with ultra low hours, Odometer says 1300 miles, and the main motor meter on the truck says 420 hours, while the auxiliary motor states 149 hours on it’s meter. This comes with a big snow blower. We took the chute off of the snow blower for transport, but it is shown, and included in the sale.  This has a mostly complete railroad bogie system for riding the rails. There is some rust on the unit including some rust through here and there. It has not been run in many years, and has been in storage.  This vehicle has never been titled, and the original owner was a corporation, so you will not receive a title, only a notarized bill of sale. I am listing this for a friend, and it is highly recommended that you call Dennis at 219-879-0151 to receive more information, and make an appointment to come and see the vehicle. This is being sold as-is where is with no express or implied warranty. It is just a neat old truck needing some work to get back ready to go. I think that this thing was way over $100,000 new with all the options. We have no idea what year it is, I just guessed and put a date in the listing, because e-bay requires a year. (It may be newer/older than 1977, like I said, it was only a guess)  I think you could find this out from your local CASE dealer with the tag number listed from under the hood on the passenger side. Case Corporation is the company that who sold these units new back in the day.  VERY hard to find one with this low of hours. Don’t forget to call Dennis at 219-879-0151 to find out more about this unit and it’s twin that is also listed. Questions need to be directed to Dennis, not me, emails will not be answered other than to supply you with Dennis’s phone number. Make an appointment to come and see these units, they are really mean looking! This vehicle has not been started in many years, just for the record.”

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