1982 Ferrari Mondial 8

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This has to be the cheapest Ferrari on the planet right now.  Only $11,750 which means they’ll probably take $10K for it.  At that price, if you wanted to impress some girl that doesn’t know any better and bring her two friends along this is your car.  The back seat is surprisingly roomy from what I can tell in the pictures.  Maybe you could seal the deal right there?
The problem as we all know with these cars is they are painfully slow.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a tool working it out hard, see video.  I’ve noticed from the pictures of this car on Hemmings that the sunroof looks stuck open.  It has 73,000 miles and the ill-fated 80mph speedometer. 

But come on, it’s only $10K for a Ferrari.  Soon to be $15,000 once you toss five grand at it to fix everything that has got to be wrong.  Make that $17,000.  Start by getting rid of those wheels which are not doing the car any favors.  


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