Top Selling Hybrids, Good Luck No. 2-10

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In 2008, Toyota sold 158,886 Prius hatchbacks. That’s more vehicles than the rest of this 10 best selling hybrids list combined. The Prius is slatted for a redesign in 2010 and Toyota is pulling out all the stops: not only will fuel economy improve, but the car will be larger and more comfortable, feature solar panels on the roof (to power interior accessories), and be built in America.

1: Toyota Prius Hybrid
2: Toyota Camry Hybrid
3: Honda Civic Hybrid
4: Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrids
5: Toyota Highlander Hybrid
6: Lexus RX 400h
7: Nissan Altima Hybrid
8: Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid and GMC Yukon Hybrid
9: Lexus LS600h
10: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

I don’t really have anything more to say about this that hasn’t already been said but here goes:

– Playing catchup is a bitch, just ask Burger King.
– Never turn your back on the ugly one, she might blossom one day.
– I’d drive one but I’m too busy saving gas in my bio-diesel.

  1. EMPM, Esq

    I think the Insight has a real shot at cracking the top 2. The reviews tend to rate it higher than the new Prius and it has the Prius on price point. The new Lexus is going to do well, also. It’s too bad for the Ford Fusion hybrid that Ford didn’t design a completely new body for it; something that has that akward jellybeanish shape of the other three. That seems to be the body style that people recognize as a hybrid, and people that drive hybrids want you to recognize that they are driving a hybrid. At least that’s my take on why the new Honda looks so much like the new Prius, with the Lexus looking like those two. Too bad for the Ford, from what I hear they have a really good product. They just didn’t take into account that a huge part of this market is perception based and not really founded on fact.

    In the same vein, if Hybrid drivers trully cared about the environment they would be driving more fuel efficient diesels that don’t carry around huge battery packs that are hazardous to make and dispose of.

    And playing ketchup is a bitch, too, Groosh. Just ask Hunts (catsup).

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