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From this site, I had to publish my comment to the “best cars this dad has driven.” As a quick background, he picked a bunch of cars in categories based on putting in one car seat. One car seat does hardly a family car make. Here is the reply:

Much missing in these write ups starting with the “reach around factor.” When you are driving and your wife is riding shotgun, does she have to unbuckle to reach the rear facing car seat? Try putting in a pacifier in crossovers and you’ll know what I mean.

Additionally, you’re showing one car seat in the middle while talking about two babies. Can you put two car seats next to each other and still get a third person in back? Like the babysitter?

What about seeing a stroller with real wheels (ie. big) or a double?

How far to you have to move the driver or passenger seat up to fit a rear facing seat behind it or so your kid doesn’t cry about her feet?

Look forward to a long term car/kid plan once you’ve lived with two for a while.

Cheers MCM

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