The Purple People Eater That Eats Itself

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I’ve been taking time with the family and doing more work on my purchase, the 912.  It’s been fun ripping it apart.  My first intentions were to sell it for parts but then the historian, collector, ham in me decided to restore it.  That is until I found more rust than I’m comfortable reworking. There’s a little damage to the rear end as well, nothing in the frame but the deck lid and rear latch bar should get new metal.

Overall the car is not worth restoring in today’s market.  A 912 in restored condition might land low $20s but at that point you’ll be upside down in a hurry.  If I flash forward 20 years, I’ll probably be kicking myself for getting rid of a 1966 Porsche regardless of the condition.  There were 79,000 356s made from 1948 to 1965.  Any one of them fetches decent money today, even the rust buckets.  Decisions, decisions.

  1. Earned911

    Couple throw pillows and it’ll look great.

    I bet you can get a few bucks for the glovebox door, with the 912 embossed in it.

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