The Kick Myself Car

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Browsing some of my old bookmarks, I came across this car as one of the recent purchases of Wholesale California. 

“We found this car right around the corner from Mike’s house sitting on a side year for the last 15 years. At first it was just a tired 912 that needed to be restored but upon closer inspection this car has a 5 digit vin number 13415. Not a 912 vin number, also the plate and number are placed farther up the trunk, aluminum door hinges, aluminum window frames, and few other very different items. The information so far from Porsche is the car is built as a 356 with an SC motor (that matches the number on the motor that is in the car) no completion date, no transmission number and to be delivered to Frankfurt hand written on the card. More information as it becomes available.”

I looked at this car probably from a Craiglist posting.  I need to get more in tune with the VIN numbers.  Crap what a find.

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