The Earliest Test Tracks, Roof Top

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The following story was forwarded to me by “BC the third.”  It’s a great account of the early test tracks built by Studebaker, Packard and Fiat once you read through the story and into the comments. I had no idea that Fiat built a track on the rooftops of their factory.  Amazing.

When it opened in 1923, Fiat’s Lingotto Building was the largest car factory in the world. It featured an entirely unique design where raw materials entered on the ground floor, and the cars were constructed on an assembly line which climbed through the building. Eventually, the finished cars emerged onto the roof – directly onto a rooftop test track that had high bank turns.

Check out these links.

• Studebaker test with signature sign made out of trees.

• Packard test track.

• Fiat test track on the roof tops. 2nd photo.

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