Going Topless

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Normally, seeing this title “going topless” would spark some sort of excitement. However, in the case of the Porsche Panamera… this leaves me scratching my head and saying, “don’t do it man”. It has been recently reported that Porsche has been seeking patent approvals for the United States and European countries for a convertible Panemara model. I may be one of very few who has the opportunity to run all three trim levels through their paces on a Porsche sponsored road course here in the Bay Area; and was left with the desire to own this technologically advance sport sedan some day.

I hope that the latest report is just one of design rumor. I truly believe that this vehicle should retain its nimble maneuverability by staying with the structurally sound metal/glass greenhouse. Can you imagine how heavy this vehicle will become once the top is removed and structural support is added back in to the vehicle? VW’s approach with the limited production Audi R8 is a more plausible option to execute. This vehicle is a racy two passenger that warrants the look of a topless option. Think of it as poor man’s Bugatti Veyron. The Panemara is the latest jewel in the Porsche crown that provides the similar driving dynamics of a 911 but the ability to carry three more friends and their golf bags. I personally don’t believe you need to remove the top on this sedan to achieve more market share for this vehicle line.

That’s just me.

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