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Tag Heuer has long been affiliated with likes of celebrities, sports figures, models and the racing scene to promote their attractive wristwatches. With the recent departure of Tiger Woods from their celebrity sports business vertical… it looks as though Tag has found a new pursuit in the way of Silicon Valley, CA. The Tag Heuer Tesla Roadster, the first fruit of a new partnership between the longtime Swiss watchmaker and the electric-car startup, features a specially designed center console. The console was made for Tag Heuer’s concept watch, which is set for a formal unveiling at a watch exposition on March 18 in Basel, Switzerland. The car’s exterior paint is Foucault Field Gray, which takes its inspiration from the concept watch, said to feature a “technical milestone in mechanical movements.”

“Engineers at both Tag Heuer and Tesla understand intuitively that technology — whether worn on your wrist or driven on the road — can help us live better while we tread more lightly on this planet,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a statement on Monday. Putting aside the over the top decals and the funky driver’s side red skull cap mirror cover and the passenger’s side being green … It isn’t that bad. In fact it would be interesting to see what price “tag” this will have.

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