General Motors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz Will Retire

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From a bulletin: “General Motors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz will retire effective May 1, 2010, capping a 47-year career in the global auto industry that included senior leadership positions at four of the world’s leading automakers. Lutz, 78, rejoined GM September 1, 2001, as the head of product development, and has led the company’s resurgence in developing great cars and trucks. He also worked at BMW, Chrysler and Ford. Lutz said he decided to retire now in part because hot-selling vehicles like the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac SRX, GMC Terrain, Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet Camaro, along with the growing strength of GM’s four brands, prove that a product-focused mindset inside the company is in place for the long term.”

Difficult to say how I feel about this it is.  I mean on the one side, I like talking in the Yoda vernacular.  It makes pondering a point like the great car czar retirement more thorough.  But simply from the above quote, without digging into everything Lutz, how can a resurgence be led when including bankruptcy and a bailout?

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