Restoration Wednesday, Wish I Could Say it Was Mine

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Part of my Ohio journey last week involved another car haven stop. This time it was Mark Schlacter’s Porsche and air cooled palace MetalKraft Coachwerks. As one would expect after 20 plus years in the same location you can collect a lot of stuff. MetalKraft is strewn with posters, models, banners, lights, pedal cars, magazine articles and ads. Oh, and to be sure, they have quite a few Porsches in process of being restored.

This 1951 or ’52 Porsche 356, I’m not entirely sure I understood what year it was, just came into the shop a couple weeks ago. It is one of the earliest examples post Gmund in exceptionally solid rust free condition. The details pointed out to me by Mark were the bumpers. Note the hand formed 3″ tall bumper back metal, factory welded on in various places across the brow and butt of the car. Later models did not have this separation. The car will be going a 100 point restoration to be shown and contested worldwide. Can you imagine? A six figure restoration times two or three putting this car into the seven figure mark once they win some shows.

More pictures and stories about our visit another time.


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