Porsche 914 Seats, Custom Black Vinyl, French Stitched and 70’s Cloth Inserts – SOLD

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Over the years I’ve collected many sets of Porsche 914 seats and have decided to start having them redone. Instead of going with the traditional basket weave centers from the factory, I had these custom styled to with new old stock fabric from the 70’s. I was really excited to find this gray striped cloth. The stripes are a mixture of colors that overlap and blend a bit: orange, blue, purple and red. The cross white stitch gives it a feel and look of plaid that came from the factory but the factory never did french stitching throughout over this cloth.

• Black vinyl similar weight fabric as the original
• Unique french stitching throughout including headrests and side bolsters from top to bottom
• Driver side has proper limited padding on left lower bolster to allow for seat adjustment
• Passenger side seat has full pad side bolsters on both sides
• Seat rails are not included
• One lower pad did have the wire for fasten seat belts but it has been cut

I would love to have your old seats shipped back in the same box.


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[wp_cart_display_product name=”Porsche 914 Seats, Striped Cloth Center” price=”1250.00″ shipping=”100.00″ thumbnail=”http://www.grooshsgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_9478.jpg” description=”Custom french stitched seats in black vinyl and 70’s striped cloth.”]


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  1. Paul

    That’s a lovely job. I see plenty of these with wrinkles etc in the corners but yours are perfect, good to see a proper job for a change.

  2. Gleeeeeen

    I am hunting for a 914! Any motor really, just looking for somethign inexpensive to turn into a project car. Ideally something that runs/drives would be awesome, but anything will do! I’m jsut itching to find one os these!

    If you know of anything for sale in/around Michigna, I would LOVE to know about it! I live halfway between Flint and Detroit.

    Thanks a whole lot in advance, hopefully I can buy these seats for a car of my own soon!

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