Restoration Wednesday, Stickers

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Three weeks ago when I was at Car and Driver’s 10Best testing, I brought stickers along. You may recall the story. I took Eddie Alterman, editor and publisher of C/D, for a drive since buying a 928 is high on his list. I offered to let him drive but something about two-handed pulls of force into first gear and reverse to over come a much needed rebuild in the gear box tapered his novice-like enthusiasm to this particular 928. What. My car isn’t perfect? Hardly. Lots of character in the shifting. But it is what it is and I love it. “Why don’t you drive” Eddie said. Sure thing.

We had a romp through the back roads west of Ann Arbor which I believe convinced him a 928 should be top priority. It was probably at the point when he said, “I should really focus on getting one of these before prices go up.” Ah, yup. Good thinkin’. As I relished in the moment when a top car guy appreciated what I brought to the field trip against the latest and greatest 2014/2015 models, I blew by our turn back to the parking lot. No problem. Braking hard to make up the difference I swung wide through the dirt turn out. But ever since then my rear driver side brake has been dragging. Sometimes it feels like a stick, sometimes it don’t. I pulled the wheel to take a look. It needs to be rebuilt. I’ll pull the other side off to do both at the same time before pre-winter salt and have it back on the road so it can end up in the garage. Again.

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