Porsche 911 RS and Lamborghini Miura P400S

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There’s a gentleman named Franzon from Power Motive, a exhaust company in Italy, that found me on LinkedIn and thought to connect with me. Ok, I thought. Exhaust company guy with 100 connections, why not? He must like my automotive career history.

Since then I’ve received no less than two or three emails daily with cars for sale from him. Apparently he’s a broker too. All are out of my league but more importantly don’t represent the opportunities I look for and consequently share with my readers. So, they don’t get posted. Think high end Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like.

But the following two were interesting. Not just because one is a Porsche but because the price point for the Miura is only 270.000 Euro more than the Porsche at 1.030.000 Euro. Both have come a long way but I was surprised to see these cars priced so closely together given similar, stunning condition.


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1. Porsche 1973 911RS Lightweight M471, 2nd series car vin 91136009XX, matching numbers and Kardex correct. 8-10 year old restoration and not driven since, I will deliver fully serviced and with new tires etc etc, ready to rock. 1.030.000E to the owner. Anything above we go 50/50.

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Price : 1 300 000 euros

* Total Bobileff Motorcar Co Restoration to Pebble Beach standards, with engine rebuilt (balanced & blueprinted to SV spec) by Factory engineer Claudio Zampolli.

* Only 12,000 miles (22k km) from new.

* Original books, tools & all historical records (see factory correspondence below).

* Delivered new to La Jolla California in 1970 and remained on the West Coast of the USA ever since.

* First Miura supplied with factory-fitted air conditioning.

* Concours D’Elegance Award-winner at The Quail Motorsport Event.

* The best P400S extant.

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