Restoration Wednesday, Stickers Gets New Brakes

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The left rear caliper froze up last summer when I took Eddie Alterman for a ride in Stickers during Car and Driver’s Ten Best testing days outside of Ann Arbor. It was an uneventful but hard stop that shows why you are constantly maintaining old cars. Something always breaks. My friend Will at Centric helped rebuild them for me. They look fantastic, thanks Will! While in there, I upgraded to stainless steel brake lines, turned the rotors of course and flushed the system. My only regret now is that I didn’t rebuild the front calipers so they match-pretty in the rear. But hey. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They’re going to break one day. I’ll get to them then.

Update: I bedded the brakes around noon with six or seven 65 mph to 10 mph hard stops after which I drove around for fifteen minutes to let them properly cool. They seem to work great. Pedal feels solid and no leaks. Job done.

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