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“Pretty Awesome, huh? I’ve got Puch spirit, and now it’s time to share. You could start your own moped gang. Pinto is my newest, and haven’t put much effort into it. Pinto turns over and has spark. During the cleaning I misplaced the carb. I blame the Anheuser Busch co., however they will not compensate me, and asked that I would quit calling them. The other 3 are registered and ran as of last year. All vintage 1978’s. All stock. One even has the pump and tool kit. Custom seat covers included. Free Spirit frame is beefier than the other 3. Check out mopedarmy.com for all moped info. (check out newbie section and fred guide) $1500 for all 4. They go together, and price is firm. I’ve had offers higher, I just didn’t like those people. Thanks!”

Will Craigslist ever stop entertaining me?!

For sale on Ann Arbor Craigslist.

  1. Mike

    …yeah, see that green one… yeah, had that one when I was 15…loved it…that is til someone stole it… maybe I should look this guy up.

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