Restoration Wednesday – Steering and Shift Linkage

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It started on the trailer but has since moved to my driveway on jack stands per usual. One day I’ll buy a four post lift for the garage so access is easier and I can store an extra car during the winter. But until then, I get a nice workout going up and down on the creeper.

The shift cable ball joint that attaches to the transmission linkage is, well, designed like crap. It takes daily abuse of filth and muck yet is expected to work year after year without lubrication or protection? Check out the piece below. That ball used to be attached to the shaft. Ball and shaft that’s funny. But it easily snapped off when the ball rusted in place. Not funny. This broken unit is available but it costs about $135 shipped. I decided to find my own ball joint and fab it together with the compression fitting from the original. Hence therefor, I trip to McMaster Carr for the ball joint in the next picture. It has a greased rubber seal. But since it has a aluminum shank thread, I screwed in a bolt for a quick tack weld. Then paint plus additional grease shoved around and wa-la. Works like it should.

You may recall from our last episode that the steering went out. For both these jobs, I had to drop the exhaust from the manifold. It is such a tight fit trying to work around a phat V12 but job done. I got a lock nut and bolt on the union joint that slips over the steering shaft spline. The steering has returned. I can’t even tell you how glad I am this happened going on a trailer not going down the road. I would have up-and-up freaked out if I lost steering! I mean, I’ve lost throttle on the freeway and had to cut four lanes of traffic to the shoulder. I’ve lost control whipping the car back and forth so my friend couldn’t reach over to grab my burger. And Buddha knows I’ve lost my typical jovial spirit  working on project cars. But steering while driving? Yikes.


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  1. Paul

    Top job as usual, love your understanding of things like that. Is that really a Jag, where’s the oil & rust!

    • Groosh

      Thanks Paul! There is plenty of oil, steering fluid and tranny trips everywhere. Rust, believe it or not, is to a minimum. The worst is trapped in the bottom of the doors and trying to bubble out. While the other spot is the bottom wing driver’s side.

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