Restoration Wednesday – Gold Jerry Gold

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I know I use the reference a lot, but Seinfeld is running on Comedy Central now. I love it. I thought I wouldn’t. But after a splattering of distraction from The Office over the years, I’m digging me some Jerry and the gang. I’m also digging my gold wheels. I’ve got three sets of them now. One set is the 14″ steelies for the BMW Bavaria and the other an old Chrysler set that came on my car hauler trailer. I kept the wheels and sold the hauler. The set you see above is for the Europa. I hemmed and hawed over refurbishing them to original or painting them myself at the shop. But in the end, I love the consistency of HEB Enterprises’ powder coating and the bronzing gold finish from the old school days of racing. Price is based on sand blasting time, amount of paint used and I think how much Herb, the owner, likes you? At $300 bucks for five wheels, it was a no brainer. Now I just need to put together the car.

  1. Paul Wilkins

    Loving the wheels, the colour & quality are both spot on as usual.
    Glad to hear you’ve discovered Seinfeld, great comedy.

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