Restoration Wednesday, Got the Rear Glass Sealed in Tight – High Five

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When it comes to windows, putty can be your buddy. Setting in a new pane of glass when putty is smooth, malleable, kinda like Play-doh for adults, I love it. Tearing out 50 year old hard, brittle yet still glued into place putty is a duddy. You need to scrape and work that stuff free so you have a flat clean surface or your putty will sit higher in areas. The results are air gaps between the glass and low spots.

I spent a big portion of my Sunday taking out the interior of the 914 and replacing the putty to seal in the rear window. The glass worked itself loose years ago. It rattled and let in dust and noise every time you drove down the street. It finally got to me as did the chewed up window-to-engine lid seal. Having the glass out was a huge advantage to prying off the engine lid seal. The metal crimping was jozzled free the easiest from inside the car pushing it out. Reversing the order was no biggie. And now I diggie it.

Who earned a Puddy high five?


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