Restoration Wednesday, No Vacancy

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Remember how I said it was a mouse hotel? Well, I just looked and I didn’t. Thought I did. I’ve been describing it as such for a year. And the only way I saw to get rid of all that poop, was to yank the entire interior stem-to-stern and give the undercarriage a bit of how’s your father. I took the carpets to the spray and wash, while the seats got leather treatment for days and some sunshine. Once it was all back together I was quite pleased with the results. The seats don’t have any rips in them and the dash remains sans of cracks. Believe it or not, no extra screws left over. Nailed it. With screws that is.




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  1. Fred

    Uhgh. I had to do that to the carpets of my Volvo after a spectacular explosion of the heater core

    • Groosh

      I also used a lot of vinegar and baking soda to get the smell out. I can only imagine the smell of radiator fluid soaked in.

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