Restoration Wednesday, Door Cards

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Last week I moved Stickers (my ’78 928) out of the garage to storage and moved the brown 914 in and put it on jack stands. The 914 needs more attention then I can give parked flat in the driveway in the cold. The good news is that the underside looks pretty solid. I’ve seen a lot worse and never really had a good look under this one beyond crunching my head sideways under the rockers. I’ll get some pictures up soon and discuss more progress on bleeding the brakes and changing out some seals around the speedometer cable on the tranny. Oh yeah, and getting it to run.

Meanwhile, one thing I’ve been wanting to try was ironing door cards that have warped from water damage. Making the car look good always inspires me to fix more so I worked to discover the formula, which wasn’t hard, to flatted the cards. Set the iron to high steam heat, press down for a while with a towel in between the iron and board. Wait, wait, wait. Then pull the heat and place some heavy books on top so the cardboard dries flat. Once you get the edges flat the door card looks tight and right installed.

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