Restoration Wednesday, Bump This

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It would be great if things were simple. If things went together as they came apart. But that is seldom the case with a restoration even when the restoration is just a refresh. I can’t imagine the bumps and bruises I’ve had putting together this 914 if it were draped with a $10,000 dollar paint job. Which is why I don’t do $10,000 paint jobs. Not true. I rarely have $10,000 to drape so I put cars together as drivers don’t worry me when parking at the Whole Foods. Those organic grocery lovers can really smack the broccoli if you know what I’m sayin’. No, you don’t? That’s ok either do I.

Over the past few days I’ve been preparing and polishing an old rear bumper. The chrome is excellent despite the bumper having a couple of character dents. However, the old rubber bumper pad deteriorated and the new one required removing the broken and rusted mounting bolts. Tool of choice? My $13 angle grinder from Harbor Freight. Surprisingly after years of hard work imposed on the grinder it still works. Just make sure to use it in a well ventilated area, not your basement shop.

The new bumper pad has one extra bolt above the license plate. I need to drill the bumper to receive that bolt. I also need to clean and fix the license plate lights. One light has a broken male connector that snapped off during disassembly. Finally, the rusty license plate bracket required painting or powder coating so it won’t drip stain my shiny bumper. Once all this is completed, I’ll polish the paint under the bumper, fit cad plated hardware with clean bumper mounts and slap it on. Simple.

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