Restoration Wednesday, Apparently I Went to Pennsylvania Last Month

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But I didn’t even get a t-shirt. Got this bill for blowing a toll booth though, $12.20 due next week. Funny thing, I don’t own a truck with that plate. Upon further investigation however, I do own a 1972 914 with an authentic plate with the same number. So I called the turnpike people and they politely cancelled the charges and erased the record. Paul, did you have to prove yours was a duplicate plate out there or visa versa? Kinda. I said casually as I was telling my account , “Ya know it’s funny, if you Google license plate CKC 649 my car comes up. It’s parked in my garage.”

So as to not bore you with the nitty-of-the-gritty calling the DMV (Secretary of State to you Michiganders), I will suffice it to say. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor then followed with this statement – put in the sweetest of bees collecting honey tone – “To ask me to jump through hoops when I’m the victim seems a bit egregious.” She agreed. Her supervisor called me back within the hour and will be issuing the other driver a new plate. She also asked for my invoice/ticket from the toll company. If I get another ticket because of this driver, I’m to contact her and she will clear it up. It’s nice when a broken system works.

Next time you see me, ask if I know the plate number to my ’72 914. I got a hunkerin’ it’ll be burned in my noggin’ for a while.


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  1. Fred

    I can’t find the link now… there was a antique car displayed at the National Museum in Beaulieu, England that recieved a fine for entering central London during a restricted time. Since all of these are recorded by camera, they call it infallible.
    The museum replied that the car had not promoted combustion for years, or left the museum grounds for decades. They have records of this.

    If in England this is a must see museum.

    • Groosh

      I remember reading that story. Yes, this is not the first time and won’t be the last. If England lets us in any time soon, I would like to go to the museum.

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