Happy New Year!

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This is break time. Time to not think about redoing electrical connections on the BMW. Or fret about how Honda trail 90s are going to get back together in your cold garage. This is a time to get away from projects. Disappear in the woods with your 14 1/2 yellow lab that still loves to sniff critter trails in the snow.

This is a time to forget about crazy,
And just be plain lazy,
Time for bourbon whiskies,
Next to fires from trees,
Perhaps you prefer beer,
To ring in the new year,
Or wine at twelve’s chime,
Because it’s so fine,
Listen it’s not all about booze,
I tell myself as I muse,
What it’s all about,
Is for many a fresh start,
Because 2020 was stunning,
But hey 2021 is coming.

by Groosh

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  1. Ern

    Happy New Year Groosh, Mrs Groosh and all the Grooshlings!
    Let me see if I get this right: is the dogs name Abby?

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