Restoration Wednesday

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I don’t mind telling you, I diggidy this photo.  Snapped with my camera phone before noon as I walked back from my friend’s place of work yesterday.  I parked “out of the way” and got good-parking-photo-mojo I didn’t expect.  Damn I dig this car.

For what it’s worth, I’m getting together a recap of everything that went into this rebirth.  Then I’m going to sit back with a booze and re-read it.  It’s been a labor of love that has taken since February and it’s finally road worthy.  Hooked up the Cibie’s too

Who needs a car worked on!?  I’m ready to help.

By the way, here is one of beautiful brake calipers I got back from Centric.


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  1. Anonymous

    Contgrats Sir Paul… you’ve spend many years to get to this point, be proud…she’s a great looking car.
    – Mike G.

  2. Anonymous

    A post at long last! Another spot-on photo, glad to see you finally up & running properly. Credit to you and the marque

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