1988 Pontiac Fiero 88 GT 6Cyl 2.8L T-Top – Clean, 79k, 15yr + Owner, – $5200 (Ann Arbor)

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“Selling one of my favorite rides of all time. This vehicle has been with me for 15+ years, first as my fathers and now as mine. With 2 kids and a hectic life style it just hasn’t seen much use as you can tell by the pictures. Has been well maintained and garage kept. I assume if your reading this you are familiar with Fieros so I won’t go into much detail on how rare this is being an 88 GT 6 Cyl 2.8L T-Top w/ the lotus suspension but I will give you the run down on what I think you want to know:
+ The engine has been completely gone through top and bottom with a new clutch installed this year
+ It has been professionally turboed – original owner was a Porsche Turbo engineer in the area and outfitted the vehicle with a low boost (7psi) turbo
+ Added Temperature / oil / boost gauge
+ Headlamp motors have been replaced
+ Clutch master / slave cylinder replaced
+ Brakes replaced last year
+ Struts and Springs replaced with Koni Performance struts and springs
+ T-Tops don’t leak
+ Overall vehicle is in great shape, even from up close. There are areas that it shows its age but it is NOT only a beauty from 10ft away, it looks great up close as well.
+ Professionally installed sound system

Like I said, I have great memories of this car as a kid sitting in the passenger seat with my dad and LOVE to drive it myself. But, now I am a dad with kids of my own rather than have all the fun myself we decided to purchase a 4 seat convertible that can be enjoyed by everyone”

I don’t need the money and enjoy driving it to work on nice days, i.e., so if your thinking of low balling me look else where. Most Fiero enthusiast will tell you the car is worth between $8500-$11000. Price is firm. I wan’t to move it this fall to make space in my garage but less than $5,200 and I’ll keep it to sell in the spring.”

Most guys “will tell you” it’s worth twice what he’s asking… which is why he wouldn’t in his right mind think it would sell for that.  Especially if they look at closed eBay auctions with cars that have 1/4 the miles, or some even under 10K miles, and struggled to reach the excellent Collector Car Price Tracker value of $10,522.  Good cars are pegged at $6,394 which is what this guy has.  Priced realistically to get it sold to a Fiero enthusiast who will tell you it’s worth $5,200 in the spring time.

On Detroit Craigslist.

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  1. Anonymous

    I really liked the look of these when they came out! Still looks good today but don’t know how they drive.

  2. Daniel G

    I have an ’88 GT myself with turbo and 300 HP. With 5 speed this is such a fun car. The only thing missing to make mine perfect is that T-top. Is it already sold?

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