Restoration Wednesday, Water Logged Gauge Gets Restored

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The ’74 914 2.0 had been sitting in storage for almost a year. Then I finally brought it home, dropped the suspension and the motor on continued plan to completely gut it: wiring harness, which is almost out — uncut and intact, glass, brake lines, cables, and what-have-yous that are still waiting a gentle yank.  The doors and hoods will come off before I make a decision what to do with the rest.

• Option 1: Cut my losses, do the right thing and get rid of the pile
• Option 2: Hang it from the ceiling as is
• Option 3: Chemical dip the body, weld in some metal and build up a driver

“Ooo!  Ooo!  Pick Option 3, pick Option 3!”  unknown fan of my potential talent or lack thereof with little knowledge of my tools, space or budget.

“What… and embark on one of the greatest ways to lose money behind owning boats and planes?  A restoration project?”  I say.

“But you have just the tach for the center gauge stack.  Might as well go all the way right?”

“Why yes, yes I do have an incredible looking tach.  Rescued as you may recall from a water soaked grave, now exhibiting polished metal center cap, painted needle & black rings plus cleaned glass.  Let’s do this car thing!”

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  1. Mike G

    Ok, as the little guy on your shoulder…no, not the one that says “F her brains out”, but the one that says, save your time and money for something that will have meaning… I vote for Option #2 – HANG’M HIGH!

  2. Groosh

    Yeah the money is starting to flow like water over here. California water that is. #2 might be my best choice.

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