1934 Shafer “8” Indianapolis Race Car

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This type of open top vintage 20’s to 30’s racer has always fascinated me.  Some of the older Ford racers trade for around $10K or so which is in my price range.  This one, since being built to replicate a part of history, shoots the budget.  But yammer, it would be super cool to rip around the dirt roads pretending you are running in the Vanderbilt Cup.

On eBay in Westlake Village, California with bidding a tick over $30K but the reserve not met.

“1934 Shafer “8” Indianapolis Race Car!

Exacting copy of original
by Dennis Webb of Anaheim,
an old time craftsman of aluminum racing car bodies and chassis
working in So California since before the War.

‘38 Buick Century power plant; high performance cam, high comp head, special tuned exhaust,
‘38 Buick trans and rear end;
runs and drives excellently (request video)
impressive exhaust note
all chassis components new and set up for street (or “Great Race” competition)
car is wired for headlights, taillights, turn signals, etc
correct Dayton knock-off wire wheels
full period instrumentation
needs paint, seat, upholstery

The 1934 Shafer “8” two-man Indy racecar
was car number #26 that year, driven by Phil Shafer
with the riding mechanic being Earl Frost.
Shafer had both Buick straight-8 & Studebaker 8 Indy cars entered
through the early 1930’s.
An original would be $250, 000+.
The reserve is far less
than the cost of construction.

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