Restoration Wednesday

Passenger side pre-restoration.

When we left me last fall, I had put the Green Beast up for sale.  The 1970 Porsche 914 V8.  While I received a few offers, we weren’t able to close the deal before I put the car away for the winter.  Now that we finally have 50+ degree weather, I’ve pulled the car out of storage and started to clean it up for a spring sale.  Since the underside has always bothered me because of the dirt and surface rust, I’ve turned my attention to detailing it out completely.  Repainting and polishing.  The result is:

I’ve also decided to add some silver center caps which required a light cleaning.  I used the orange hand cleaning goo and a toothbrush to get the crevices free of old polish and dirt.  Not bad huh?   Although one has some deep scratches.  Oh and finally, I fixed the driver seat which didn’t slide well.  I pulled the seat then removed the rail and put a replacement on from my seat stack in the basement.  Problem solved.  The sale price just went up folks.


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