1986 Dodge Shelby GLHS

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$_57-2 $_57 $_57-3 $_57-1

How much did the prices go up on these after Shelby died?  Have you ever parked you bicycle in an airplane hanger?

“I’m sorry?!”

How you ever thrown a toothpick into a volcano?


The answer would be not enough to make a difference.  Still an 80’s icon for me during my impressionable Detroit youth days.  I’d take it.

On eBay in California with a “low reserve” and only 36K miles.  But what’s up with that speedo pegged at 90+?

“1986 dodge Shelby #033 GLHS only 36,000 original miles this vehicle is very rare because only the frist 50 cars wher handbuilt and test driven by Carroll Shelby himself to make sure of the quality and performance !!! this vehicle is in all original condition never been raced or modified at all was originally purchased in Riverside California it has never been out of the state of California absolutely NO rust. however the car has been sitting for the last 15 years in a temperature-controlled garage since 2000 the last time it was registered now on planed nonopp. there are no penalties at DMV registration transfer fee only $30 the vehicle needs minor TLC fuel pump relay switch..$50 possibly fuel pump $150 and the paint is good only a few chips remember your bidding on a 30 year old car with original paint and interior  engine runs very smooth absolutely no leaks no issues. these little engines with

NASCAR design crankshaft and rods are bulletproof… it has original VR tires that it came with from showroom. it is very rare that you see one of these cars being sold they are mostly in the hands of car collectors Shelby enthusiast especially the first 50 cars that were hand built and tested by the legend himself Carroll Shelby!!! take advantage on a once in a lifetime deal..very low reserve bid with confidence good luck!!!”

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