Restoration Wednesday, 1987 Porsche 928 S4

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On Friday, I went to Autocore Performance Group’s new shop in Warren, Michigan. That’s Stephen’s business, all 1600 sq. ft. of it. I didn’t take any pictures. In hindsight that would have made sense. Instead, I hung out like I usually do, talked shop and looked at my car. Man. The S4 was the super car of my teens along with the Ferrari Testarossa. Now I own one. Pretty cool. I even gave the roof a little rub down with Stephen’s dad’s own car polishing compounds. His dad makes and bottles his own waxes and polishers having been in the business 50 years. More on that another day.

The important things to note are two fold. The mass airflow sensor has been removed and sent out for rebuilding. The company doing it is Injection Labs out of Denver, Colorado. They have good working knowledge of the problem, platinum wire failure, and build a robust version that will “probably outlast the car,” according to Kevin Farrell of the company – $265 plus shipping. The video you see is that of Stephen testing the car with the MAF disconnected. Runs like a top. Connect it and the bad meter sends a signal for an overdose of fuel, killing the idle and creating clouds of smoke. The DME tries to compensate and smooth things out but to no avail.

Next up in a bad CV joint. Stephen discovered this when moving the car from his house to the shop, doing about 80 on the freeway. The only reasonable solution we found was a company again out of Colorado but this time Boulder called CVJ Axles. They rebuilt the axles on 928 Stickers. Although we do not need an entire rebuild, they charge $229 plus shipping per axle which is cheaper than buying a CV joint on it’s own. With both these items back in place the car should be ready to come home and sit in the garage for the winter. They salted the roads last week. Maybe I’ll drive it anyway. I need a winter Porsche.

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