1985 Mercedes Benz Unimog 435 SBU 1300L

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$_57-1 $_57-2 $_57-3 $_57
On eBay in Santa Clara, California with a reserve.

“You are bidding on one of the best Unimogs in the USA.  This vehicle started out as a fire truck in Hamburg Germany until 2000 when it was participating in several European rallies.

This truck has always been stored in a garage or carport, no rust, no bondo, no hidden problems.
I stripped the cab to bare metal and applied the best PPG paint and clear coat.  Many items were blasted and powder coated, all items that were replaced during the restoration were brand new parts, no used parts were used.
The truck has 84,172 km which is 52,186 miles.  The OM353A engine was completely rebuilt at 77,777 km which is 48,221 miles, so in other words a bit less than 4,000 miles on the rebuild.
During the rebuild, I added a Holset HY35 turbo for better performance, rebuilt the injection pump and replaced the plungers with 10mm items, new water pump, new oil pump, new oil cooler, new bolts for crankshaft, rods, and head.  Almost all external bolts were replaced with polished ARP 12 point stainless.  The engine block and head were sanded smooth for better appearance when painted, all aluminum parts were polished, oil pan was chrome plated, yeah I know a total waste of money, but it keeps me happy.  
Engine is fueled to develop 190kw which is 253hp. A Claas overdrive and Fast Axles make this truck fly down the road compared to lesser Unimogs.
I just check with my GPS: 2250 rpm is 60 mph, 2450 rpm is 65 mph, 2650 rpm is 70 mph, 2850 rpm is 75 mph, and that is with 335/80 R20 tire!!!
One of the best features on this truck is the hydraulic Rotzler Treimatic 080 winch.  This is the most expensive winch on the planet, it has 195 feet of 16mm cable that is wound without tension on its storage drum, no other winch works like this.  I visited the Rotzler factory in Germany a couple of months ago, and the current price for the winch is about $30,000 plus $10,000 to install.  The truck also has 4 wheel parking brakes when using the winch.  The winch is rated to pull VERTICALLY a load of 8 metric tons, which is 17,600 lbs, again vertically, not on a 30 degree slope like most winches are rated at.  The factory hydraulic system has 2 circuits and has an oil cooler.
The air conditioning is a GreenTop and is mounted along the kneepad, the glove box is cooled also to keep your beer cold.
There are many more features that I probably forgot to mention, like new brakes and calipers front and rear, etc.
I have over $120,000 in the truck. For more information on Unimogs do your homework, I will not respond to stupid questions.
The truck is located in Santa Clara, CA about 2 miles from the San Jose Airport.  This truck is ready to go anywhere, just get in and drive without any worries.
The successful bid must submit a NON-Refundable deposit of $10,000 within 48 hours of winning the bid.  If you don’t have the money, don’t bother, it will not sell for cheap.  So don’t whine that you want a cool truck but only have some clapped out junker for trade, I am not interested.”

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