Restoration Wednesday, 1972 Honda CL100

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As all hard working folks should, I often stand or sit around and admire my work. A lot. I can see how retirement goes:

Got that done, now let’s look at it for a while. Don’t have crap else to do today and it’s not like the next project isn’t going to be there tomorrow. Man does that look good.

“Hey honey!”


“Come down here, you gotta look at this exhaust.”

“Looks nice.”

“Nice? Should have seen the rusty sun-of-a-gun before I got to it. See up in here? All that was rust. I took sos pad, quad zero, to it…”

“I’m in the middle of something, can I go now?”

“Sure. But before you do look at the new shiny bolts I’ve got on the motor. You can always tell when someone has tried to crack one of these old motors apart cause the philips head screws are always stripped.”

“Uh huh… good job honey…” trailing off up the stairs.

Yeah, I’ll say good job. Sure does look good. Too bad it’s a dime-a-dozen CL100 I’m working on.

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