Custom Made Wooden Truck

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The hood ornament is the best part.

On eBay in Virginia.

“This is a Custom Made Wooden Truck.  It is registered as a 1988 vehicle and does have a clear title with the VIN no. NCS82779. This truck was hand made with mostly wild cherry wood and was built one piece at a time.  It took almost two years to build it and it was built from scratch.  The engine and transmission are from a 1982 Nissan, the front frame is from a 1976 Chevette, and the differential is from a 1976 Datsun station wagon.  The frame was built to fit and the doors are reinforced with steel tubing.  It has been featured in USA Today and on several North Carolina TV stations in the Raleigh NC area.  It was built in Lawsonville NC.  It has been in numerous car shows, cruise ins,  etc from Virginia to Florida and has won many awards.  It runs great and the body is in good condition.  It is a crowd pleaser at car shows and usually has as much if not more attention than the other show vehicles.  This truck is unique and one of a kind.  The hood ornament is also made out of wood and is similar to the truck but without the bed.  Please ask any questions before placing a bid.”

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