Restoration Wednesday

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He lives! After a bearded start in the garage with static timing and carburetor rough-in, we bled the brakes, dropped the car and pushed it outside.  My friend Keith, a 1981 Porsche 911SC Targa engine rebuilder and PMO carburetor experienced owner, helped with the finer tuning.  The above video is soon after the car coughed up a big loogie and begin to smooth out.  In total, we played for three hours before calling it for a beer, ok two beers, having left the car with a 2,000 RPM idle and some popping.  Definitely the timing or the distributor.

Earlier when I went to replace the points, primary and secondary springs on the distributor I couldn’t reach the back screw holding down the points, so I had to pull the unit.  Placed it back one tooth off.  D’oh.  Now TDC was top dead right at about 2 o’clock.  It had to be fixed before getting good timing so I pulled it again then once again.  The first time I rotated it the wrong way and was two teeth off the wrong direction. Ultimately it was easily remedied.  

Yesterday on my own, I re-timed the car and found it to run out pretty well to 5,500 RPM up and down the block.  No popping or back fires.  Of bigger concern were the brakes but they work great.  No pulling, no fuss.  Clutch freed up and transmission shifts great.  However, I am hearing metal clanging around the fan area in the back of the engine.  It has been suggested that it is probably engine tin rattling loose.  I’ve gone over the car with a stethoscope and hear no internal engine noises but will drive cautiously.  Did I mention… he lives!  That’s my boy.  Good car, good car.

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