1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT

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“This is a rare Sunbeam Alpine GT it is in good condition needs carbs rebuilt and some wiring issues with lighting (Lucas )  interior is in good shape no carpet .has fresh paint and very solid car was some minimal rust in rocker area that was repaired. to many projects something has to go”

Like your grammar.  Whoops, too late.

This reminds me of a 1966 Barracuda.  I don’t like them either.  But there is something about a unique car that has me interested.  Summer car shows are more enjoyable when you can saunter up in something that sparks conversation such as, “what attracted you to this car?”

On eBay in Warren, PA for $100 to start with a reserve. 

  1. Anonymous

    Probably the worst car ever built. Chrysler bought Sunbeam in ’68 and redesigned the Alpine so it looked, indeed, like a shrunken Barracuda. But it was horribly built and the mechanics were always failing. I bought one of these lemons brand new from the dealer, and there is NOTHING on that car that did not fail at least once, usually multiple times. Brakes, starter, suspension, electrics, cooling system, clutch, transmission, even the freakin’ engine mounts broke one day on the Grand Central Parkway. That did it; got it home with the driveshaft rubbing on the tunnel all the way, parked it in front of the house on the street and never drove it again. (And I have never, ever driven another Chrysler product, either!)

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