Porsche 914 Subaru Swap Project AZ car! Price: $2100

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What is it about a bottom feeder car that is attractive to me?  I just want to bring them back.  I see them for their good bones such as a rust free chassis, straight bumpers and original wheels.  Then the extras come into play, like these wheels and suspension bits, that show the previous owner gave it some love.  I’m good for more love.  In fact, I’ve got a lot of love to give. 
This one awaits your love on The Samba.
“Sadly, I have to part ways with this project before seeing it through. I’d like to see it all go as one to someone who will do what I can’t, but if people want tasty bits, let the bidding begin. $2100 for everything. I do not have the 1.7L motor any more. I need it all to go. Bring a trailer.

911/5 lug swapover bits $600 (bilstein shocks, springs).
Polished 944 Fuchs (REAL) 16×6, 16×7 with passable front tires, rear tires for fitment only. Will dismount if desired. $700
Kennedy adapter plate, flywheel and 215mm clutch $900
-rebuilt trans w/zero miles since rebuild [Would prefer that this goes with one or more of the pieces]
– some NOS weatherstripping for targa
-Good interior minus dash cover

Link to Flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26045373@N07/sets/72157625586621260/

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