1968 BMW 1600s — Two with Sequential VINs.

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For a collector, I can see the attraction here.  It would be fun to trace their history.  Were they bought together?  Over in Germany?  Did someone stumble upon one while owning the other VIN?  Traded by dealers?  Do a pair of cars that launched the classic BMW 2002 era become more valuable as sequential stable mates? 
The owner does a good job describing their condition and offers more pictures than on eBay.  Clearly a new seller to eBay with zero feedback but definitely looks legit. 
On eBay in New Mexico for a starting no reserve bid of $200.
“What a Find.  TWO 1968 BMW 1600s with sequential serial numbers. Blue one drives around the neighborhood. Son loves the old school 4-speed. Newer tires, new brake cylinders and shoes on rear.  No leaks in engine or drive train. Body rust per photos. Rust through on left rocker panel. No rust through on hood, roof, trunk, doors, or other. Inside has new blue carpet but interior needs much work to make good and far from restoration. Great original equipment- washerbottle, bumpers, jack, rims, engine, rotor, coils, steering wheel, headlights and the like. Includes some parts such as window rubbers. SOME interior parts missing.  ~156000 miles

Red BMW 1600 is rolling stock. Engine compression 60-90. Fires but has wiring glitch. Coil provides spark when it receives power. Tires sound. Transmission and other drive train functions. Body per potos. Floor board rust through. Glass good. No engine leak or radiator leaks.

Didn’t want to part them out for $$.. Good deal here.  To CLASSIC to destroy.

Have more photos than displayed. Email for more information.”

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