Porsche 914 Seats, Black Vinyl Sport Look – SOLD

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Over the years I’ve collected many sets of Porsche 914 seats and it is less than sweet to see them stacked on top of each other in dry storage. As we discussed a Friday previously, it is time to start custom restoration with a period look yet slight edge ala Groosh.

Instead of going with the traditional basket weave centers from the factory, I had these styled to replicate early race seats I photographed years ago at the Monterey Historics in California. I loved them. Solid, one color, one pattern. The result is a high end, sport look with attention to detail that could have come from Porsche itself.

• Black vinyl similar weight fabric as the original
• Unique French stitching throughout including headrests and side bolsters from top to bottom
• Driver side has proper limited padding on left lower bolster to allow for seat adjustment
• Passenger side seat has full pad side bolsters on both sides
• Seat rails are not included

Please note a little stitch pull at the left head rest area on both seats. Also, the passenger seat sew lines move up to the right slightly. I’ve noticed this on factory seats as well. It seems to be a common characteristic that is hard to see once in the car.

These seats are SOLD.

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